Congratulations on your decision to seek elected office.


We appreciate your willingness to engage in the political process and seek solutions to Michigan’s most pressing problems.

The Michigan AFL-CIO is a diverse, compassionate and powerful federation of labor unions that improves the lives of working people by fighting to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our state. As Michigan’s largest labor organization, we represent one million active and retired union members from nearly fifty affiliated unions and constituency groups (

The Michigan AFL-CIO advocates for public policy solutions at the state and local levels that support working families across Michigan. Our Policy Platform ( outlines the legislative and budgetary solutions we believe support our working people and empower the labor movement. Our agenda is dedicated to protecting the rights of working people, building quality infrastructure, growing  vibrant communities, creating a fair economy, and promoting voting freedoms to protect our democracy.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this questionnaire, and thank you in advance for standing with the working families across your district.

This website will be subsequently updated in January 2024 with questionnaires for federal, judicial, state, and local elections for the fall 2024 election.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out as soon as possible to Ryan Sebolt, Director of Government Affairs, at (517) 927-3917 or


2023 has proven to be a great year for Michigan’s working people. Michigan’s pro-worker majorities made great strides towards restoring workers’ rights. Lawmakers passed a series of measures restoring and reinforcing collective bargaining rights – affecting everyone from teachers to construction workers – making Michigan one of the top states for workers going into the new year. We also saw historic strike actions take place across the state as workers fought for better pay, benefits, and working conditions, which is vital to the success of Michigan workers and their families.


But the work is nowhere near done. We must work to restore a pro-worker majority in Michigan’s legislature. Michigan workers still face unfair barriers placed in their way by previous administrations, we need a strong pro-worker legislature to help us remove these barriers and help carry us forward. Those entrusted to public office must be committed to people whose labor built and continues to build this state and our country.

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