Joe Biden Stands with

Michigan Union Workers


Joe Biden is the most pro-union president of our lifetime.

Investing in union jobs. Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure law will create hundreds of thousands of jobs for union workers strengthening our roads, bridges, and critical infrastructure.


A tax plan that works for workers. Unlike Trump, who slashed taxes for CEOs and companies that ship jobs overseas, President Biden is fighting to protect working people and make the wealthiest pay their fair share.


Strengthening workers’ rights. President Biden is reversing Trump’s assault on the National Labor Relations Board and making sure it has workers’ backs. Biden’s NLRB is standing up to corporate greed and standing with striking workers all over the country.

Protecting pensions. President Biden fought for union members, saving the pensions of more than 1 million workers so they can rest assured they’ll be able to retire with hard-earned dignity.


Buy American. President Biden strengthened federal Buy American rules, making sure that our tax dollars go towards goods made by American workers.



A living wage for federal contractors. President Biden signed an executive order requiring a $15 an hour minimum wage for federal contractors, making sure these workers and their families can thrive.